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Create Your App in 3 Steps:

No Coding Skills required- our drag and drop editor does the work for you.
Step 1
Choose Your Template
Our App Builder has over 20 different app templates to choose from.
Step 2
Customise Design & Features
Using our App Builder allows you to quickly personalise your app design, colours, content and branding with our drag and drop interface-no coding.
Step 3
Publish & Promote
Once you are ready to publish our App Builder publishes your App into the Apple and Google Play(Android) App Stores. We even give you assets to promote your App.

Need More Help- check out these Free How To Videos: 

How To Create Your Mobile App

In this module we show you how to sign up and then how to create your first app in a few simple steps.

Adding Mobile Features & Customising Navigation

In this module we cover how you can customise your Mobile App look and feel with your own company branding both by selecting one of our ready made templates that you can customise or how you can also make you own design outside these templates.

Add Video Content to your Mobile App

Our apps seemlessly integrate services like Youtube, Vimeo and others. This video will explain how you add videos and playlists easily.

Adding Maps & Navigation To Your App

Our Apps builder can implement a mobile app quite easily when you enter the address on our CMS. You can also activate navigation so that customers can find your business location on their phone and get directions.

Adding Loyalty Card Rewards to Your App

This feature is ideal for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels or any business that wants to generate loyalty to their business. This video will show you how to add this feature simply to your App.

Setting Up Shopping Cart/Booking System

Selling goods and services through a Mobile App is possible by integrating your existing payments/checkout provider with our Mobile Apps or if you don't have one of those you can use our own shopping cart solution which you can add to your apps. This module shows you how in a few simple steps.

Adding Security Login Feature To Your App

Like all features this is optional add on and can be used for example when you don't want people to get access to the app until they login by registering their name, details, username and password. You can also set this feature to control who can or can't have access to your mobile app.

Publishing Your Mobile App

Once your app is finished in development- this module shows how you can publish your app quickly to both Apple IOS and Google Android App Stores in one simple step.

Sending Push Messages To Your Customers

Once you have a user base for your App- you can stimulate engagement with sending Push Messages which can be targeted by topics, location and more. This Module shows you how to do this easily and effectively.

Measuring Your Apps Success

You are going to be curious about how many people have downloaded your app to measure you success levels. In this module we show you how to use the Analytics feature in our platform to measure downloads and also how you can measure loyalty, voucher redemptions, product sales etc.

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