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Drive Superior Engagement & Customer Care with Chatbots

We develop Bots to generate cost savings through business automation and can enable new business models that can radically improve revenues for your business.

What is a ChatBot?

Chat Bots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.

They are the ultimate content marketing tool that can also automate your business functions giving your business the ability to engage with all your customers on a one to one basis and become more lean and competitive.

ChatBots can replace IVR's, automate Customer Care & other Admin, engage with all Customers simultaneously to use content and A.I. to drive more Sales.  Moreover they are easy to discover, use and fun to engage with.

It is this ability to converse in a natural manner while learning on-the-fly that is getting companies really excited.

Why get a ChatBot?

Due to the surge in messeging platforms like What's Apps, Facebook Messanger and more... Messeging is becoming the new browser of choice and bots are the new websites particularly with millennials.

Over 3B active users are on messenger apps -- and they’re using it once every waking hour. ​ They have beaten social networks for reach.  They are also becoming the prefered mediium of choice for users vs. Text/SMS.  For businesses they have similar Click Through Rates  as SMS a superiour graphical user interface and A.I. capabilities that can more easily automate business functions saving massive costs and driving more enegagmeent and efficiencies in their organisation.  They can do this at a fraction of the cost vs SMS solutions.

Bots also provide a superior, more immediate and more enaging content experience than websites or apps. In addition to a more friendly navigation experience its is the power of the A.I. that makes bots phenomenal at understanding your customer requests in real-time and responding appropriately to each and every Customer.

Bots are the ultimate Content Marketing, Customer Care, IVR replacement

How ChatBots can help your Business:

Reduce Costs

Improve Efficiencies

Drive More Engagement

New Business Models

Scalable 24hr Care

Incredible Marketing Reach

Full API Access

Evolving Intelligence

Personal Interactive A.I.

How Can a Customer Interact With a Bot?

Chat Bots can be enagged with through Facebook Messenger via any Phone or  Computer device.   The bots can also be placed in your Website, Mobile Site, Social Media Pages, Mobile Apps and more.

There are typically 2 main ways users then engaged with a bot i.e.:

Navigation Menu Selection


Asking Real-time Questions To A.I.

Navigation menu is replicates how users might find content in a website.  By creating a navigation struture it enables users to browse all your business offerings.

What makes bots more powerfull is the user is not limited to navigation flow.  They can ask any question and the A.I. learns from all customer interactions what the user is requesting and trying to achieve and responds like a human to assist them or to answer queries.

Getting Started With An MVB (Minimum Viable Bot)

Whether it’s drawing from one or multiple RSS Feeds, APIs, CMS or CRM — the functionality of the bot is limited only to the quality of the system with which it integrates (and budget). Brands are likely to discover there are multiple use cases for bots and working out which ones will add the most value to their business can require prioritisation.


The recommend approch here for any business is to develop an MVB (Minimum Viable Bot) to start with that address you main business KPI's.  

Then over subsequent months you would enhance your bot's A.I. through itterative user feedback and also evolve its services capabilities.    Following this strategy will see your business with an evloving bot that will adapt to your business challengs, needs and budget.

Our Services-  We Develop, Maintenain and Market Your Bot:

We can develop your Bot A.I. and publish to market.  We even offer an agency model where we canpromote your bot to drive up users.  Lastly we maintain your bots on an ongoing basis, evolving the A.I. from user interactions so it becomes more intelligent and responsive to your business needs.  


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